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Order cost-effective, long-life aluminium tiered seating from Grandstands Australia to improve the spectator experience at your venue. Customise your grandstand’s features with us today.

About Us

Grandstands Australia is a specialist manufacturer of aluminium spectator seating for clients across Australia. We are part of the BAB Group that has been manufacturing aluminium spectator seating for 40+ years.

We work with your existing infrastructure to install low-cost and low-maintenance permanent sports seating for large numbers of people. Whether you have natural / manmade amphitheatres or concrete platforms or natural banks, we -have the grandstand seating solution for you.

If you would like Grandstands Australia to improve your venue with high-quality tiered seating, contact us for details.

Our Tiered Seating Products

Grandstands Australia’s range of aluminium spectator seating includes:

  • GS1 and GS2 (our popular smaller solutions)
  • GS3, GS4, and GS5 (the larger grandstands).

Our sports seating models include a range of features and options to suit your requirements. Please speak to us about your specifications so we can advise you on the ideal grandstand seating solution.

GS1 Grandstand

GS1 Grandstand

GS2 Grandstand

GS2 Grandstand

Grandstand GS 3

GS3 Grandstand

GS4 Grandstand

GS5 Grandstand

Product Features

All our aluminium sports seating models have value-added features. Don’t find something you need? Tell us and we can integrate it for you.

Our Projects

Grandstands Australia has provided aluminium tiered seating solutions across Australia for sports stadiums, parklands, schools, equestrian centres, and councils.

We work closely with you from design to installation to ensure that your requirements are fulfilled.

Here is a snapshot of our spectator seating project portfolio:

Spectator Seating

Grandstand Taronga
Park Zoo

BAB Outdoor Seating

Willinga Park
Equestrian Centre

Queanbeyan Sports Centre

Sports Centre

Australian Institute of Sport

Australian Institute
of Sport

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