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Enhance Your Venue with Custom Aluminium Bleacher Tiered Seating

Improve the spectator experience at your venue with aluminium bleacher tiered seating from Grandstands Australia. Designed for both indoor and outdoor environments, our seating solutions are versatile, durable, and tailored to fit your needs. Crafted in Sydney and delivered Australia-wide, we ensure your seating is ready for any event, big or small. 

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Spectator Seating

Why Choose Our Bleacher Seating?

Customisation and Flexibility

Each of our bleacher seating options is made to order, allowing for complete customisation to integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. Whether you require portable bleachers for seasonal events or fixed seating for a permanent setup, we’ve got you covered. Choose from among models with back support options, anti-slip access steps, and safety railings so that your seating reflects your venue’s requirements and style. 

Built for Australian Conditions

Constructed with Australian-made, 100% recyclable aluminium, our bleachers are cyclone-rated and engineered to withstand the harsh Australian climate. They resist rust, mildew, and high impacts, so that they remain as functional and aesthetically pleasing as the day they were installed. Plus, with a 20-year warranty and a structural certificate for peace of mind, you’re investing in quality that lasts. 

Low Maintenance, High Durability

Say goodbye to the constant upkeep associated with traditional timber seating. Our aluminium bleacher seating never requires painting, won’t split or crack, and is pressure cleaning resistant. Regular checks to ensure bolts are secure is all the maintenance needed, making these seats a practical choice for high-traffic areas. 

Cost-Effective Solutions

Investing in our aluminium bleacher tiered seating means long-term savings. Durable enough to avoid frequent repairs or replacements, our seating represents a cost-effective solution for any venue. Delivered as a completed setup or as a flat pack for easy self-installation, we offer an affordable way to upgrade your spectator seating. View the price lists for our GS1, GS2, GS3, GS4, and GS5 models from the convenience of your gadget. 

Invest in Quality with Grandstands Australia

For venues seeking a reliable, durable, and visually appealing solution, our aluminium bleacher tiered seating is the perfect choice. They are designed to meet the needs of your space and delivered with expertise. Contact us today at 1300 823 810 to discuss your seating needs.