Grandstands Australia


Structural certificate
20 year warranty
Cyclone rating
(where requested)
Backrest on top tier
for safety
or bolt down
Double foot planks

The GS2 grandstand is an excellent option for tiered sports seating, coming with double foot planks for added legroom and easier access. 

Grandstands Australia grandstands include cyclone ratings and engineer-certified warranties for up to 20 years. Grandstands Australia is a long-standing aluminium seating and aluminium grandstands manufacturer supplying clients across Australia and internationally.

Grandstands Australia designs and manufactures aluminium grandstands for councils, schools, equestrian venues, showgrounds and sporting clubs.

Our Aluminium grandstands are used by schools for their outdoor school seating needs, by councils for their grandstand needs in public parks and recreation areas and by many sporting organisations that require aluminium grandstand solutions. Aluminium grandstands come in standard sizes and are manufactured in custom sizes depending on the grandstand required.

Grandstands Australia Aluminium Grandstands make use of your existing infrastructure to provide cost-effective, low- maintenance, permanent spectator seating for large numbers of people. Grandstands Australia Grandstands are built to be freestanding or can be fixed. The only requirement is a level even surface.

GS2 Grandstand Prices






2 tier






8 adults

12 adults

16 adults

24 adults

3 tier






12 adults

18 adults

24 adults

36 adults

4 tier






16 adults

24 adults

32 adults

48 adults


*All prices do not include GST or delivery
GS2 Grandstand Technical Data